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SALE – Kesar Gardens Shops, Kharghar

Kesar Group, one of the most Trusted & Reliable developers in town invites you to purchase shops at Kesar Gardens, Sector 20, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai

Key Points:

  • 2 Minutes (50 mtrs) walking Distance from one of the upcoming Metro Railway Stations in Kharghar
  • 2 Minutes (50 mtrs) away from Kharghar Central Park – One of the largest parks in Asia.
  • 10 Minutes away from Kharghar Railway Station
  • Shops of various sizes available – 245 sq ft to 880 sq ft
  • Road Facing shops available
  • Shops available inside the building compound as well – Great for offices, call centers etc
  • Ideal for Restaurants, Banks, Gyms for Purchase of adjacent shops and make use of large area and a great location!


Prakash Natarajan: +91-9820606187

Impact of a Metro System on Real Estate

  • Direct economic benefits: Travel Time savings, vehicle cost savings, transit option value, environmental benefits
  • Indirect:
    • increase in property values
    • land use changes,
    • benefits of improved access to jobs & critical locations, benefits to employment wage & productivity
  • Impacts in the following cases: Tyne & Wear Metro, Newcastle, U.K, Manchester Metro link, London Docklands Light Railway, Helsinki Metro, Finland, Vienna S-Bahn, Austria,Nantes, France
    • House prices increased 2% within 200 meters of metro stations.
    • Retail activity or office developments in proximity to stations does not appear to be directly linked to LRT.
    • Development of 20 500 sq.m of offices and services in City centre.
    • 50% of capital cost was recaptured through overall office development and job creation.
    • In the best locations, dwelling prices raised by 11%.
    • Price of property located within walking distance of the nearest railway or metro station increased 7,5% over other locations.
    • Impact was most significant at a distance of 500-750 m., as opposed to adjacent locations, where values dropped. (Finland)
    • Districts located along S-Bahn corridor have witnessed increases in number of new housing units of 18, 7% over 10 yr. period, as opposed to 4% and 10% in more remote locations.
  • Distance from Metro: Hedonic Analysis – The variables which are having a significant impact on land value are-Distance of land from Metro Line, Distance of land from CP, Location of area, Income group.
    • Among the variables ‘distance from the metro’ alone explains the 22% of the variation in the land value. Thus, the availability and proximity to metro, plays a major role in determining the impact of Metro on real estate prices.
    • Properties within 500m of the metro line have experienced a higher land value change as compared to properties beyond 500m. Land value decreases as one moves away from the metro line.
    • Within 500 mtrs of Metro Line, change in land value is higher and is more or less same for both the residential and commercial properties.
    • Between 500m 1km change in land value is more for 15 to 1km, commercial properties
  • Land use Effect
    • The impact of metro on residential land value is less as compared to the commercial properties.
    • For Residential area, on an average land value within 500m of metro line increased by11.3%. For Commercial area, on an average land value within 500m of metro line increased by 18.1%.
    • Threshold limit for the residential properties is approximately up to 500m from metro line, whereas limit increases up to approximately 800m for commercial properties.
    • Increase in land value is highly dependent on the income of the people occupying the area / These are also the areas which are planned
  • Number of years of Operation of Metro
    • Land Value changes are more consistent and higher after the operation of metro as compared to the construction and planning stage. (land value increases by 2- 4% every year.)
  • Conclusion
    • Impacts on urban structure is significant. Integrated landuse transport planning M t – Metro contribution to land value rise is about 22%. A part value is captured in property taxes. Re-appropriation is difficult as they are 2 different agencies.
    • Value capture is possible only if linked to additional FSI/TDR
    • To reap benefits of better accessibility, redevelopment schemes for nonplanned/slum areas
    • Right time to capture value – First Create Value and then Capture

Navi Mumbai Metro Rail Project – Download details


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    In 2009, thanks to the excitement generated by infrastructure announcements in Navi Mumbai, big Real Estate brands from Mumbai announced the launch of mega township projects. Prominent among the projects which were launched were the following - Kalpataru Riverside, India Bulls Greens & Park and Marathon Nexzone.

    We are a Group of Investors who have purchased these apartments at excellent rates and do not mind selling it at a 10%-15% discount.

    For eg : an investor who has bought it at Rs 3200/- per sq ft is more willing to sell at Rs 5400/- per sq ft (Builder price Rs 6000) than another investor who has picked it up at Rs 4500/- per sq ft

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